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Two Three or Four Up Time Trial - Aka Aka - Sunday 22nd July - Combined event with ASC

Counties Manukau Cycling races

Strava 25km(ish) course

Strava 40km course

Schools course start at Aka Aka school, out 8 kms, turn and back. (Look at the first part of the 25km course)


Person entering Team will be responsible for the whole team - correspondence, payments and returning chips & race numbers

Two (Three or Four) Up TT based at the Aka Aka Hall - teams of 2, 3 or 4 riders can enter either 40km or 25km - first team starts at 9:01am - start times to be posted on web site - entry fee $20 per rider paid into club account 01-0403-0163779-00 - trophy for 40 km 2 team race winners. Use our facebook page if you need a team member.

 Auckland School Races - following Counties races

  • School cycling rules apply

Teams of three - 16km - $20 per rider

Grades from U13 to U19 - boys and girls (age at 31 December 2018)

School teams of 3 enter at

Start List - any queries call Claire on 021 353329

Event Start Rider  
25kms 9:01 Jorja Clouth U16 Girls
25kms 9:01 Amy Blackmore U16 Girls
25kms 9:01 Alex Galvin U16 Girls
25kms 9:02 Marc Buissink  
25kms 9:02 Poppy Buissink  
25kms 9:02 Scarlett Buissink  
25kms 9:03 Scott Jarrold  
25kms 9:03 Austin Patterson  
25kms 9:03 Marcus Bycroft  
25kms 9:04 Preston Fini  
25kms 9:04 Robert Read  
25kms 9:04 Troy Restieaux  
25kms 9:05 Dave Rhode  
25kms 9:05 Craig DeWet  
25kms 9:05 Phil Chester  
25kms 9:06 Murray Watson  
25kms 9:06 Peter Knight  
25kms 9:06 Duncan Gross  
25kms 9:07 Rob Dallimore  
25kms 9:07 Sam Daley  
25kms 9:07 Rob Humby  
25kms 9:10 Jo Crocker  
25kms 9:10 Glenn Moser  
25kms 9:11 Ian Grose  
25kms 9:11 Denise Claxton  
25kms 9:12 Martin Hill  
25kms 9:12 Michelle Laughton-Hill  
25kms 9:13 Brya Palmer  
25kms 9:13 Jenny Wood  
25kms 9:14 Graham Simpson  
25kms 9:14 Paul Reidy  
25kms 9:15 Waldo Singleton  
25kms 9:15 Oliver Marchl  
25kms 9:16 chris pilone  
25kms 9:16 Colin Claxton  
25kms 9:18 Lara Hopkinson  
25kms 9:18 Emelia Wilkinson  
25kms 9:19 Alice Hopkinson  
25kms 9:19 Niamh Evans  
25kms 9:20 Matthew Moore  
25kms 9:20 Bailey Moran  
25kms 9:21 Mark Hopkinson  
25kms 9:21 Bill Blackmore  
25kms 9:22 Andrew McKay  
25kms 9:22 Andy Parker  
40kms 9:32 Paul Carter  
40kms 9:32 Jason Blockley  
40kms 9:32 Stephen Davies  
40kms 9:32 Cameron Davies  
40kms 9:34 Mike Henton  
40kms 9:34 Darren Yearsley  
40kms 9:34 Aaron Strong  
40kms 9:34 Paul Bishop  
40kms 9:36 Dan Furminger  
40kms 9:36 Steve Furminger  
40kms 9:36 Owen Owens  
40kms 9:36 Matthew Markby  
40kms 9:37 Rob Scarlett  
40kms 9:38 Guy Clouth  
40kms 9:38 Logan Townsend  
40kms 9:38 Neil Walker  
40kms 9:40 Graeme Blackwood  
40kms 9:40 Mike Giddey  
40kms 9:41 Georgia Danford  
40kms 9:41 Dayna Haythorne  
40kms 9:42 Roger Grierson  
40kms 9:42 Rylee McMullen  
40kms 9:43 Murray Garland  
40kms 9:43 Kevin Palmer  
40kms 9:44 Boris Clark  
40kms 9:44 Nicholas Magill  
40kms 9:45 Nick Thomas  
40kms 9:45 Reuben Soares  
Schools - 17km    
Event Start Rider Team Name
U17 Boys 10:45 Alex Jarrold WTF - Where's The Finish?
U17 Boys 10:45 Sam Dawkins WTF - Where's The Finish?
U17 Boys 10:45 Kalib Patterson WTF - Where's The Finish?
U16 Boys 10:47 Dan Barclay AucklandGrammarU16
U16 Boys 10:47 Jacob Rackham AucklandGrammarU16
U16 Boys 10:47 Tom Waters AucklandGrammarU16
U17 Girls 10:49 Annabel Brown EGGS 1
U17 Girls 10:49 Lucy Thomson EGGS 1
U17 Girls 10:49 Ella Wyllie EGGS 1
U17 Girls 10:50 Natalya Carter Baradene team
U17 Girls 10:50 Grace Cummins Baradene team
U17 Boys 10:51 Jensen Foster SKC BOYS 1
U17 Boys 10:52 Ollie Simcock Smith SHG
U15 Boys 10:53 Redmond Connolly Sacred Heart Junior A 
U15 Boys 10:53 Joel Douglas Sacred Heart Junior A 
U15 Boys 10:55 Hunter Donley SKC U15 JUNIOR B
U15 Boys 10:55 Nick Parkman SKC U15 JUNIOR B
U15 Boys 10:55 Joe Kells SKC U15 JUNIOR B
U15 Boys 10:57 Olano Scarlett The Wheel Deal
U15 Boys 10:57 Edward Pawson The Wheel Deal
U15 Boys 10:57 Felix Maddison The Wheel Deal
U15 Boys 10:58 Lewis Bower Westlake Green
U15 Boys 10:58 Jack Tiplady Westlake Green
U15 Girls 11:00 Ella Morton Bara Panthers
U15 Girls 11:00 Lydia Stevens Bara Panthers
U15 Girls 11:00 Gemma Carter Bara Panthers
U15 Boys 11:01 Karlos Nickel SPC Cycling
U14 Girls 11:03 Emma Blackmore Bara Tigers
U14 Girls 11:03 Celia Galvin Bara Tigers
U14 Girls 11:03 Bonnie Rattray Bara Tigers
U14 Girls 11:04 Tegan Feringa RIU14Girls
U14 Girls 11:04 Charlotte Wood RIU14Girls
U14 Girls 11:05 Maia Barclay The Girls
U14 Girls 11:05 Brook The Girls
U14 Boys 11:07 Leon O’Brien The Boys in Blue
U14 Boys 11:07 Andrew Davies The Boys in Blue
U14 Boys 11:07 Henry Ward The Boys in Blue
U13 Boys 11:09 Benjamin Stewart RI Boys U13
U13 Boys 11:09 Jonny Barclay RI Boys U13
U13 Boys 11:09 Richie Woods RI Boys U13
Sunday, 22. July 2018 - 09:00
Combined Event with Auckland  Schools Cycling - Mauku - Sunday 5th August

Auckland Schools Cycling and CMC Road Race – Mauku - IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ BELOW The start and finish is outside Mauku School on Union Road - each lap is 14 km. Registration tent is at the school.

Click here for details of the day and the course map - TO COME

All CMC riders in Open and Social Racing grades are to enter via our website. The races count towards the Points Competitions. Entry cost for ALL grades is $20 – We are not using our timing chips.  Closing date for entries is end of day Thursday 2nd August – any late entries will not receive transponders or be included in the results. Do not park on the course – use the area around the Mauku Hall which will be open for CMC riders.


CMC Open and Social Racing grade races will be spread amongst schools age group races : • C grade – 3 laps 9:12am • D grade – 3 laps 9:15am • E grade - 3 laps 9:18am Social Racing grade – 2 laps 9:21am (Mass start but with a sealed handicap) • A grade – 4 laps 10:30am • B grade – 4 laps 10:38am


All school riders are to enter on (NOT OPEN YET)

Sunday, 05. August 2018 - 09:00